Carefully father tell you of child abuse

Abduction marriage contracted by the exclusive debut Xiaoxiang College

Shopping, the Fu Shao Yi is absolutely the first time, his clothes have someone RBI, but most are tailored to their personal designer, shopping for him, it is a strange topic, but women are like shopping, it is easy to think FU Shao go shopping with her, and with her, it should not be too boring. Fu Shao Yi did not know was that for Su Yao, the shopping, but also strange, the former Soviet Union Yao year to buy two sets of clothes rare, even to buy, but also to the flea market just buy two pieces, can be worn on the line, where to go shopping slowly pick ah, that time, she will choose to make money to feed themselves real. So, do not go shopping when two people together shopping, it will be particularly boring, Su Yao now is that feeling, where they are clouds are clouds Group’s international commercial buildings, which are all world-class brand, She never contacted the designer who, what ah know where to start, but this is not the focus here should be on casual clothes million, and no upper limit, so, who pays the bill is the key ah. Lightning storm looked at each other, if I remember correctly, they are on this level, this corridor has gone three times, and was stunned not go into a shop, who told them, laid in front of two people to buy things or to walk? Fu Shao Yi suddenly stopped, Su Yao and lightning storm and went to stop, Su Yao unknown so asked: ? Shao Yi, how the Fu Shao Yi turned around, charm Taohua Yan tightly at her: You do not like it here stuff? Su Yao shocked, How come we all know, is valuable as long as she Su Yaodou Xi Huan, here are the most valuable things, she will not like? This is what the country opened a joke? Embarrassed smile and said:. No, ah, ah, I really like, like, do not know to buy Which of the Fu Shao Yi relieved, do not like like, embarrassed at her face, and suddenly thought of her previous life, suddenly understand why she did not know what to buy. Overbearing took her hand and walked into the store Chanel, even in the morning, Chanel also has a lot of customers into Fu Shao Yi undoubtedly let Su Yao became the focus of the Fu Shao Yi although rarely in circles around, but as clouds Group and World Group The only heir, there are still a lot of people are concerned about his high society, some ladies have recognized him, but because of deterrence Fu Shao Yi Horoscope, are pretending not to know, continue to pick clothes, only pairs eyes are looking straight two of them, guess this is the big FU Which woman holding little daughter, really good fortune. Because today is wearing Yao Su Fu Shao Yi people prepare clothes, rather than those who own old clothes, so even with her worth, are potentially increasing a lot. Fu Shao Yi eyes of those who can no matter accumulated over many years, he has long can ignore these eyes, and went hand holding Yao Su, then pick on the shelf for her clothes. Lightning storm at the door, looked at them in horror master, master them, actually personally give a woman the selection of clothes, this is simply unprecedented, unprecedented, they consider, is not the old man who told the news, suggesting that their grandchildren from distance far? Fu Shao Yi picked up two dozen full dress relented, Yao panic in the eyes of the Soviet Union pulled out a diamond card directly:. To the center of Imperial mansion house Su Yao finally relieved, if not their own pay, as you buy some, she does not even mind a few more pieces, there are cheap does not account for is the son of a bitch. Foreman are some ignorant, this is their ultimate boss, he has been scary enough to buy clothes, and now have to pay this money she received in the end is not close, ah, trembling took the diamond card, brush the card, Oh dear, she actually brushed the boss’s card, it feels really wonderful. No stay, Shao Yi Fu went next door and pulled Louis Vuitton, but also picked up a few pieces of clothing, a dozen packages, Su Yao’s mouth almost to Girard-Perregaux Watches Replcia wander behind the ears, and this feeling is not to spend money on brand , he really cool thing. Next, Shao Yi Fu, almost the only show is a direct follow his aesthetic, the Prada, Versace, Hermes, Dior stroll over and over, from head to toe to Su Yao bought a lot of clothes and shoes bags, Su Yao sigh No wonder such a large wardrobe done directly occupy the entire wall, so many things, really need to site ah. Bought to wear, Fu Shao Yi seems to have fun, went to Su Yao picked up a Miss Xiao Bang watches, selling cakes, actually to more than six million, but for the presence of Fu Shao Yi embarrassed her, or will be directly roar past: Ah robbery ah! Fu Shao-Yi was not enough, and took him to buy perfume, buy cosmetics, even Yao Su distressed for him, and, more importantly, she was so tired, she kind of identity reversed illusion, in general, not woman visiting the spirits are in no way tired, and men are like a dead dog in the back along with it? For the thing to her here, as she is a dead dog of it, she has absolutely worship Fu uncle, and Ah is not only money, but also energy, horrible, really sick. Finally, Fu Shao Yi took her to the jewelry district, she decisively broke away his hand, still shopping, but also to let her live. Fu Shao Yi puzzled: how? Su Yao effort out of a smile: about it, do not buy. Su Yao eyes with delicate and charming plea to his mercy ah. However, Su Yao’s delicate and charming in his opinion was embarrassed to buy anymore, not tired, directly laugh:. Okay, then it will be visiting the Su Yao entire facial twitching, incredible staring at him for a long time, and this is The so-called generation gap it? It was terrible, unbearable without forbear, Su Yao direct a voice shouted over: Ah you still are not human, you are not tired, I was tired Ah it, I did not eat lunch, I was not deliberately want to starve, Carefully father tell you of child abuse. exactly where they stand at this junction of a district is an area of ​​clouds junction of commercial buildings in each district will set up a coffee bar, where guests can stroll tired, rest, and this was shopping The peak of the coffee bar a few people who, Yao Su loud directly through the glass into their ears, so they are causing direct guests sip coffee in a spray of people sitting across the face, there are many each spray, the scene is extremely spectacular. They all look to Yao Su, heart can not help but produce the same questions: What? Children? Lightning storms are all mouth slightly open, stood transfixed, has always been a small woman like Miss Su actually roar of the master, but in front of so many people, this is not the focus, the focus is now their master’s face, why so strange, not anger, not a sneer, but hold back laughter, yes, indeed hold back laughter, because they do not master never been shouted before, so stupid it. Su Yao finally realized that he had just said what? She actually shouted to him, he bought her so many brand names, but also a more than six million watch after? God, she is not stupid, and if he is angry, things are not to her how to do? A split, Su Yao instantly make a second reaction, wink, put innocent, completely outside the state said softly:. Yeah, how, does not mean that one will visit you again, let’s go, said Natural move forward, as if she just is not that a bitch. Lightning storm dumbfounded, this realm of posturing, simply invincible, and now they seem to be able to understand the young master. Fu Shao Yi grabbed her wrist, hand and touched her hair, she looked funny, thin lips delicately: treasure gas. Ah Su Yao thought he got it wrong, he said she Bao gas, actually with such intimate tone, she shouted after him? Is not silly? Fu Shao Yi took her hand and walked out: jewelry I will send some people to the house, not to say hungry, now take you to dinner, child abuse, but a great sin. Su Yao mouth twitching, it did not happen as Well , is not cute.

Chen had received public security department investigation

Agricultural Bank of China to raise the case of Jiangyin governor track

Agricultural Bank of China Jiangyin Branch fortress ahead Sun Feng flight case is fermentation. Latest news March 27 that ABC Jiangyin Zhouzhuang branch president Chen Feng raising matchmaking due to the Sun, and its more than 10 million yuan loan guarantee, is currently being investigated in Jiangyin Branch of the Agricultural Bank of relevant departments inside a person to the reporter confirmed that ABC Zhouzhuang branch president Chen recently did the police investigation had been, and had been Ferrari Watches Replcia out of the ABC system, our reporter on the 27th on the matter to verify Jiangyin ABC president Guo-Hua Tang, up to press time, the other did not make In response Previously, December 28, 2011, Sun Feng families travel in Thailand after missing. According to the Office of Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau spokesman informed afterwards, Sun Feng Jiangyin fortress during any ABC branch president, in his own name has defrauded more than someone borrowing more than 100 million yuan. Ministry of Public Security has issued a red warrant hunt Sun Feng Jiangyin, according to a banking source, Sun Feng fled after the fortress Branch, Agricultural Bank of China governor Zhou Zhuang Chen branch departments were surveyed, mainly related to fund raising to help Sun Feng. Zhouzhuang ABC president of Sun Feng had private lending matchmaking, many local companies defrauded funds, but also for the tens of millions of Sun Feng a loan to be secured However, according to the sources, has not carried out due to their own fund-raising fraudulent activities, President Chen to accept the relevant departments in the investigation, has not been arrested, the case is still under investigation, a year and a half before, Chen is still in Jiangyin Branch of the Agricultural Bank of longevity work, then in less than two years, he was successively tune Renyun Ting Branch, Branch Zhouzhuang work. preceding ABC insiders told reporters, as Sun Feng and Chen also president of ABC for many years, in Jiangyin wide business contacts, holds a lot of client resources Previously, Jiangyin Branch of Agricultural Bank of China governor Guo-Hua Tang told reporters that the bank staff operating usury events are not uncommon, and more than one ABC. According to the reporter, one of the advantages of private banks to engage in lending, is to master a lot of customer data to understand capital requirements and surplus side, one of which is to reflect some of the funds they need to do business underwritten. Sun Feng advantage of his position to raise capital through the master customer data, significantly above violations ABC insiders, Sun Feng after the incident, Chen has recently ceased to ABC Zhouzhuang branch president post, and has been out of the financial the system. He said that before this, Chen had received public security department investigation. This is part of a recent internal movement of Jiangyin ABC, unified management of some of the staff had also reverted to line the inside of the passport, the reporter to verify the matter to the Banking sector in Jiangsu Province, the other said, reported the deal has not yet received Zhouzhuang branch of the Agricultural Bank President’s report on the case, will contact Jiangyin ABC understand the situation, Sun Feng flee because this matter does not involve the bank’s funds, is still mainly in the ABC itself to deal with this situation. To press time reporter, the Banking Department said it had not contacted the Jiangyin ABC reporter has learned, from the end of December last year after Sun Feng escape, ABC and Wuxi, Jiangyin Branch of the Agricultural Bank are funding the project has been verified. Jiangyin Branch of the Agricultural Bank of the principal leaders of the province also has the line, the headquarters for this event meeting, but only reported in 2010, more than a year ago, the business indicators Jiangyin Branch of Agricultural Bank of China is also a record high. Which reach 18.338 billion yuan savings deposits, savings deposits, Jiangsu province ranks first increment, in the same industry Jiangyin total and incremental market share ranks first. That time, Jiangyin ABC was named head office

National hundreds of advanced Branch, President Guo-Hua Tang was named the national 100 outstanding branch president, a senior Jiangyin ABC also told this reporter that business in the city of Jiangyin in this country the first of the county economy, ABC second in size only Jiangyin Rural Commercial, ranked first in the large banks.

two suspects appeared in Hefei

Abandoned 300,000 20,000 Cash stolen watches

Original title: abandoned 300,000 20,000 Cash stolen watches

Four Maozei burglary, collecting a small bag of watches from the house, unaware value, to 20,000 yuan in cash, readily be discarded watches worth $ 300,000. Reporter yesterday learned from Yaohai a team of Interpol, the gang in just over two months, fled and more crazy crime more than 20 cases, involving the value of more than 20 million by the end of August this year, a team of Interpol police received Yaohai Longgang near a residential tenants alarm, saying their own stolen in the house a lot of cable was missing this vacant house on the 10th floor. When surveying the scene, police found the window wide open, the thief may be Fanchuang door. See the house has been vacant, thieves after committing the crime to rest for a long time, even in the living room left a lot of cigarette butts, beverage bottles, but especially so that homeowners feel angry, even in the living room in the middle position of the thief left a lot of excrement based site traces of residue on the police quickly locked the suspect’s identity more than two months, 20 cases of burglary

By the end of October, two suspects appeared in Hefei, Chuzhou, after having lived in a hotel road just half an hour, the police broke into the house, which was captured on the spot and seized large Jacob & Co Watches Replcia amounts of cash, as well as necklaces, rings, cameras, etc. from him Although the captured booty, but two suspects at the trial every means to deny. After 60 hours of interrogation, the police finally broke through the psychological line of defense, according to which the two suspects confessed that they gang a total of four people, get to know when you are in prison, and later released from prison because of dislike hard work, they get together to Together, relying Fanchuang burglary get money. From the re-arrested after his release, just over two months time, four worked in Feidong, Yaohai, the new station, Kunshan and other crazy crime more than 20 cases, involving more than 20 million worth of 20,000 disposable cash 300,000 yuan watches

This group of people committing crimes are almost always pick the doors are not closed securely unfurnished villas, Shi Fanchuang burglary burglary, theft target mainly cash, jewelry and other objects that the group was not familiar with some luxury, or even a small bag of the battalion’s three watches worth more than ten million abandoned, only took 20,000 yuan in cash, and afterwards learned, very sorry. According to the suspect Xiamou account when Kunshan, Jiangsu committing the crime, they had to enter a business, find the multi-block watches from the drawer, but due to inconvenient to carry, few people find after 2 million in cash, which in turn bags Watch readily thrown on the sofa, and only one of them pulled away a piece. Later, they control the Internet a check, this actually worth several million Rolex watches, which makes them regret not cope, even planning Fan Shen Shi Pirates again, but eventually gave up because of fear of arrest.

Evidence shows that when you buy a table as early as 1995

240,000 imitation Rolex worn 10 years the statute of limitations has expired defenders fail

13 years ago, Mr. Wang spent 240,000 yuan to buy one at North Star Mall Rolex watches. 13 years later, he charged that the Department of imitation Rolex watches, requires North Star Mall return and double claims (newspaper reported Nov. 5). Yesterday morning, the Asian Games Village, Chaoyang Court of First Instance found the court case over the statute of limitations, and found in favor of Mr. Wang to give up their own rights.

Evidence shows that when you buy a table as early as 1995, Mr. Wang got the watch quality inspection and appraisal reports to the North Star Mall, above the words watch appearance parts through the transformation of words. But Mr. Wang has never admitted that he said these words, and seal blurred together, they did not see it.

North Star Mall is accordingly said that he has fulfilled this obligation, there is no fraud.

Court of First Instance found the Asian Games Village, when Mr. Wang bought only Rolex watches, North Star Mall has identified quality inspection reports available to him, the report states identified only watch the appearance of this piece has been modified. Therefore it can be assumed, North Star Mall has fulfilled this obligation, Mr. Wang Fendi Watches Replcia should be aware of the situation. Ordinary statute of limitations for civil cases is two years, and now the case has been the statute of limitations, so the court found Mr. Wang is abandoned in favor of their own rights.

Although Mr. Wang said he was until last inspection again before that, however, there is no evidence to support the court does not admissible.

there ROLEX classic signs on the surface

240000 Imitation Rolex repair detection system

Wang said that in November 1995, he was in North Star Mall to 240,000 Swiss bought a Rolex watch. North Star Mall offers the authenticity of the statement of the Swiss inspection reports and certificates of origin and quality inspection departments. Last year, he was faster or slower due to go when the table is sent to Rolex repair shop overhaul, the other said that the statement of non-original, refuse service as one of evidence in the case, the Rolex watch was produced in court. Men’s gold watch dial diamond piece, fine workmanship, there ROLEX classic signs on the surface, its outer box is also marked with the brand logo ROLEX Mr. Wang presented an authoritative report last September authenticity of identification, proof of this Table unknown country for the production of imitation Wang said, the only movement is the Rolex watch, bracelet, dial and stones are all without the permission of imitation Rolex, is to block false statement. requirements based on Consumer Law The defendant retreat one lose one and pay interest losses totaling 671,000 yuan, the same style Rolex current price in the market is 470,000 yuan. Wang said, in addition to using their own buy watches, but also hope that collection value, but a Such imitation is certainly only a decline in value of envy movement and case are Rolex, Rolex is not called What? ‘North Star Mall’s attorney, said Mr. Wang bought the watch looks indeed been modified, but the situation has advised when it bought the table, the table provided with a copy of the inspection report also indicated: the appearance of the table has been modified Mr. Wang denied that he informed, saying the inspection report did not note the description of the modification of the purchase, and a test substance Omega Watches Replcia Rolex watches are clearly written column. Reporters saw in this inspection report, modified word just being pinched seal, plus a copy of the somewhat vague Wang believes that the 1995 inspection report only proves the appearance of the table is modified, but not proven watch quality problems exist, not the original. The plaintiff applied to the court, to assess the value of the watch, although the defendants were opposed, but the court or agreed to his request.

It was identified that this country is unknown Rolex watches for the production of imitation Rolex watches

240,000 fake Rolex worn for 12 years now claims to help out professional fake people Hai

Mr. Wang is a proxy for the citizens of professional fake people Hai. According to Mr. Wang’s prosecution, November 18, 1995, he was in a shopping center with 240,000 purchase price of a Swiss Rolex watches. When the share table, the business provided him with an invoice and certificate of origin and quality Swiss inspection reports issued by the department to verify the authenticity of the (copy). Last year, however, he found that when wearing the watch, the watch go unsteadiness, so the Rolex watch to a repair shop for repair, but the repair shop, but this statement of non-repair factory produced rejected on September 26 last year, Wang China Chamber of Commerce, Mr. watch glasses to commodity quality supervision and inspection center piece of Rolex watches for authenticity were identified. It was identified that this country is unknown Rolex watches for the production of imitation Rolex watches. Wang said that the authenticity of the sale of businesses in the inspection report provided by the table, did not IWC Watches Replcia specify the table is the generic form, only indicating that the table has been modified exterior parts. But in fact the only movement is the Rolex watch movement, strap, bracelet, gaskets, dial and stones, packaging, warranty and so is not the company’s original product Rolex, Rolex also without permission or authorization of the use of the morning, the defendant told the court that when Mr. Wang to buy the table, the mall has clearly informed of their watches is a modified, and therefore has fulfilled this obligation, there is no fraud. Its agent to the court submitted a report that identified in the table before the sale, the mall has four Rolex watches will be inspected, the result is a genuine Rolex Swiss, the other three are converted Rolex. When test basis in accordance with the prevailing regulations and the Swiss government, which is three Rolex watches can not be judged to be original, authentic Rolex watch. The agent said the mall to sell the table, Mr. Wang has produced this appraisal report at a time when many parts of the country have this conversion Rolex sold but Wang believes that this appraisal report only shows that the appearance of this watch been modified. The appearance is been modified and whether imitation watches are two different things. He believes that including this appraisal report is irresponsible. Morning, after Mr. Wang application, the court decided to adjourn, to assess the value of the watch. Upon evaluation of the outcome of the case will continue to trial.

because fewer people sign up

4 million yuan to buy fake Rolex watches and diamond rings

Bauhinia buy gold necklace and diamond ring in South Africa will pay a total of 7000 Mr. Yu Yuanzhi said that last Nov. 24, he signed a contract with Taihe 赴港澳旅游 travel agencies, because fewer people sign up, Wo agencies without the knowledge of the situation , he pieced together to Ocean International Travel Service in Zhuhai, Mr. Chi in a store to buy a Rolex watch worth 14,500 yuan, the South African diamond ring and so on. After returning to Beijing, by the quality inspection department identified as fake Rolex. After consultation with ocean travel, get a 14,000 yuan loan think Mr. Tai Chi group travel without fight, resulting in local ground operators and businesses collude Wo spend all of their travel agents should be returned Bell & Ross Watches Replcia the day before yesterday, Tai Chi for travel agents Mr. apologized, but said Mr. Chi has informed the mission to fight and with his consent, and wisdom from the marine community to get Mr. refund the purchase price. So do not agree with the claims of Mr. Chi Chi sir due increased claims in court, the defendant asked the court can give agents more time to understand the situation said Mr. Chi. To this end, the court temporarily suspended the case for trial. If the manuscript proposal in doubt, please contact us.

because Chinese people have the habit of drinking tea

4 Dutch consumption of Chinese tourists in the Swiss top chart

Even in winter, the Chinese people are willing to fly to Europe, because here you can buy two or three percent cheaper than the Chinese price of brand-name goods. And they shot more generous. Many stores said: A Chinese man bought two or three Rolex watches are a very common thing. Chinese tourists not only sourcing for themselves, their friends and family will purchase large bags of various valuable gifts. Therefore, the Swiss have appointed Chinese shop clerk, in order to communicate with Chinese tourists compared with other countries, tourists, Chinese people have more to save on accommodation. Therefore, the Swiss Porsche Design Watches Replcia hotelier low prices to attract Chinese tourists to be puerile and even a room and breakfast only 17 Swiss francs. The room also provides drinking water for the Chinese tourists, because Chinese people have the habit of drinking tea. The various tourist district also offers Chinese, Chinese and Chinese tour guides and other books from two years ago, China and Switzerland signed an agreement tourist destination, Chinese people travel to Switzerland procedures greatly simplified. According to estimates of the Swiss Federal Office of Tourism, the number of Chinese tourists coming to Switzerland will continue to grow exponentially by 2007 will reach 30 million. Thus, for the development of Chinese tourists in Switzerland tourism has become increasingly important. Loving you is my career, I think you cause you are my specialty hug, kiss you are my specialty! Crystal Love I wish you a Happy New Year

[New Year] If God lets me three wishes, one of this life with you; Second World Renewable again with you; Third Sansei III and you are no longer separated. Crystal Love I wish you a Happy New Year

[New Year's] mind to when I turned to leave that moment, you cry helplessly behind me, this pain made me understand how much I love you. I turned and hugged you: do not sell this pig. Crystal Love I wish you a Happy New Year [Year] Yurun Resonance soft wind, Bandaotiehe around with a full daily happy Yan! Winter to spring watery smoke, toil life needs Bomb! Listen to one sings, Road soon peace! Everything to do so auspicious New Year

[Spring] Legend of Lavender has four leaves: the first leaf is faith, hope second leaf, third leaf love and the fourth leaf is lucky. Send you a tree lavender, wish you a Happy New Year!

In addition to the more remote location of the hotel

4 Chinese tourists robbed again in Paris

France has always been a romantic Chinese tourists in mind, however, Chinese tourists robbed in France frequently makes people began to focus on French law and order problem. Victim 10 days ago 20 people Wuxi tours occur robbed just returned on March 31, the suspect has not yet been captured. France local time the evening of March 30, another four Chinese tourists in the northern suburbs of Paris, 93 provinces were six African-American students who rob robbed of China said never go to France

According to media reports, the day of 21:30, tour guests arrive at the hotel, handled After check-in, there are four tourists leaving the hotel together, go to a supermarket not far from Carrefour. On the way back to the hotel, is the containment six persons of African descent. Finally, 4 people only a female tourist was robbed and beaten by the reporter linked to the robbed tourists, the UK she was a Chinese student, she told reporters, tours name is called Omega, being includes not only grab bag passport, as well as € 600, £ 30 and the value of € 1,975 Cartier watch 一枚. Local time on March 31 evening she had returned to England, frightened, she said: I never thought would happen to me, when six people rushing scared to death, important items like the whole passport inside, I want to Kusi, never go to France!

The tour set hotel Sevran City. In addition to the more remote location of the hotel, the 93 provinces belong to historical reasons, has been a gathering place for immigrants from France’s overseas colonies, unemployment and crime rates are relatively high, due to the poor security situation in the province is located outside of Paris 93, compared with prices low, it became a lot of domestic travel booking hotel objects. France Kirin International Travel manager told Sina forward observers, because the hotel booking agencies involved in operating costs, most Chinese regard the Book tours around the city focused on the edge of Paris, but not all areas around the city are the same as the 93 provincial security risks exist , 92 provinces and 78 provinces are relatively safe area.

In Chronoswiss Watches Replcia addition, France local time on March 31, robbed in Paris on the 20th of Wuxi tours tourists arrived in China the opportunity to return. Until now, it has not been robbed of belongings back. In the regiment 20 people, three people robbed, especially leader was robbed and beaten, resulting in the loss of passport whole group of people had to turn the trip into a handle temporary passport.

the art of watchmaking degradation, but the market is in the thriving commercial

Watch what kind of geometry collection value with appreciation of space clocks

Vacheron Constantin enamel watch auction in May, also hit a major achievement. Vacheron Constantin cloisonné enamel dial watch, inspired by the American painter John J. Audobon painting Birds of America ​​in order to high turnover of CHF 110,500, more than twice its high estimate by more than; rather delicate Vacheron enamel pearl inlay two CHF 33,750 traded places ask pocket watch, than its more than four times Mido Watches Replcia higher than the low estimate.

Investment advice: In the last ten years, the art of watchmaking degradation, but the market is in the thriving commercial production is increasing, but the art has gradually subsided. Fusion of enamel, sculpture, jewelry inlaid handicrafts such as different categories to create works of art as you watch as more valuable.

Watch the auction market in the world, the most important sellers, buyers and general participants followed, basically Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Antiquorum auction these three companies.

Christie’s and Sotheby’s is the world’s largest two comprehensive auction company, has a long history, Christie’s was founded in 1766, Sotheby than from 1744. Two watches special – often called precious watches or fine watches special, just a few hundred times their annual auction a small part, but in the watch auction circles, their status is very important.

Antiquorum is the only one truly professional watch auction company, founded in 1974, since its inception, the global watch auction market is gradually pushed more and more fiery and professional. Many of the world auction record watch was born here, a lot of important historical works by watch collectors conversion to achieve here. Antiquorum is now about 10 games a year, large and small professional watch auctions in the auction should be the three largest number.

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